Bed and Breakfast

Welcome to Nine Mile Ranch! Here at our Ranch house, we have the space that you need to kick back and relax after a wonderful day of touring the canyon that we are famously located in! With private accommodations, an entertaining common space to relax in, caring hosts and plenty of green space to explore and have a blast in, whats there to miss?



Each of our cabins are original settler cabins found in the canyon. We purchased them, took pictures, numbered the logs, broke them down, and rebuilt them right here on the property with concrete floors so you can enjoy what it would have been like to be a settler here in the 1800’s. Our four cabins are well situated near the Guesthouse, Campgrounds, Bathrooms and Showers, and the Pavilion. They provide the perfect intimate getaway and privacy for any couple or family. Breakfast available for purchase.



With Nine Mile Creek running alongside, plenty of shade, and green grass, our Campgrounds have much to offer. Each of our 18 campsites provide the perfect atmosphere for Family Reunions and to get together. With over 1,000 acres to explore on this working Cattle Ranch, there is much to see. With fully functional showers and bathrooms, what’s there to miss? Come and stay with us!