Nine Mile Canyon is a step back in time and it’s a perfect getaway for exploration and relaxation.

The stories of people who lived there centuries ago grace the walls of sheer cliffs. This canyon, filled with the best petroglyphs in the west, gives a view of the life of ancient Native Americans. This unique canyon outside of Wellington, is an international treasure.great hunt panel

Nine Mile Canyon’s rock art has been featured in National Geographic and many other publications because of its beauty and intensity. Over 1,000 sites have been cataloged to date. Large panels of petroglyphs can be found just a few feet from the road. Travelers can wonder at the meaning of the carvings of goats, people, calendars and Indian Gods.

The Native Americans, farmers, outlaws and ranchers who dared to live in this canyon have fought every ugly element known to Mother Nature. Only the toughest humans that have lived amid these rocky walls have survived.

This untouched wilderness allows travelers to see the rock art created centuries ago in the setting that it was created. The varied styles of rock art and evidence discovered by archaeologists show that this canyon has been home to Native American Indians for thousands of years. (Voices from the past: Nine Mile Canyon; Sun Advocate Newspaper, 6/04)

Check out this article with some great pictures on the history of the Canyon. The World’s Longest Art Gallery

Ben MeadAbout the Ranch

Known as the Base camp or gateway to the “Longest Pictograph Art Gallery” in the world, Nine Mile Guest Ranch and Bunk~n~Breakfast is the perfect place to stay while exploring the amazing cultural history of the canyon. In fact, it’s the ONLY place you can stay in the canyon!
Ben and Myrna Mead leased the ranch in 1991 and purchased the property in 1996. They have lived on various ranches in Nine Mile Canyon prior to buying the land. The ranch is known as a “working cattle ranch”. Cattle drives are held during the spring and fall and arrangements can be made for visitors to ride along.

Nine Mile Ranch is a great stopping place on your way to a river run through Desolation Canyon on the Green River. The ranch is one of the few mosquito-free places in the area which is of course a big plus!